Dive and Hyperbaric
Medicine Trips

Want to delve into the depths of marine and dive medicine?

Travel with us to the beautiful Caribbean Sea to learn about diving physiology, dive medicine, marine animals and envenomations, and hyperbaric medicine. Plus plenty of free time for diving!

Course Fee: Generally $500-$800 excluding flights
Dates: Late November/Early December 2023 and Spring 2024
Location: Bonaire, Curacao, or TBD

Spaces are limited so please contact us for availability as soon as possible. We are preferentially accepting students, residents, and fellows (Medical, PA, NP, Paramedic, etc.) however if space allows, we are open to all healthcare professionals.


Diving not included, but there is plenty of free time for diving and most participants voluntarily dive multiple times each day and/or take dive certification courses!!!

Learning Objectives:

Identify and discuss treatment of marine envenomations
Discuss pathophysiology, signs/symptoms, evaluation and treatment of DCS (decompression sickness) including AGE (Air Gas Embolism)
Discuss oxygen toxicity and discuss use of Nitrox for diving
Discuss considerations for chronic medical conditions in diving
Discuss indication for HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) related to dive accidents
Demonstrate use of US to evaluate for bubble load and discuss ongoing research on bubble load and DCS risk
Demonstrate understanding of ONeill and Teed classification for ear barotrauma
Discuss Free diving physiology
Demonstrated SCUBA skills for care for unresponsive diver and field resuscitation
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